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Clever Geometry Problem

Another interesting problem!

Suppose you have a quadrilateral ABCD where AB is parallel to CD and such that the length of DA = AB = BC and BD = DC.
What are the angles of this quadrilateral?

Hint: Obviously, a trigonometry solution is possible with some work. But there’s another way, without writing down a single number! Keep in mind your shapes and rules about certain, specific edges being equal to one another as in this problem.


Comments on: "Clever Geometry Problem" (3)

  1. A pretty interesting problem. Thanks for this. I tried doing a quick sketch of the solution. Hopefully, there’s no flaw. The shape is a parallelogram with angles, \frac{\pi}{3} and $\latex {2 \pi}{3}$

  2. Thank you for your interest in the problem! This is a pretty interesting problem because I believe that there are a couple of answers. Try and see if you can get another solution!

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